Windows Phone Emulator - Shortcut Keys

When working a lot on Windows Phone Emulator, it is sometime easy to use the  computer keyboard to perform some specific tasks instead of tapping onscreen display on the Emulator. Sometime, it is also require to know the keys when you don’t have the hardware buttons in emulator.


Here I am sharing all the keyboard shortcuts which the Windows Phone Emulator supports. I am sure, this will be handy to have while developing apps.


Here I am sharing all the shortcut keys and their respective functions which you can perform directly using the computer keyboard e.g. simulate the phone’s hardware back button, start button, search button, volume buttons, power and camera buttons etc:


Shortcut Key Description
F1 Simulates the hardware BACK button in the Emulator
F2 Simulates the hardware START button in the Emulator
F3 Simulates the hardware SEARCH button in the Emulator
F6 Simulates the hardware Camera button pressed halfway for visual  focus
F7 Simulates the hardware Camera button pressed fully
F9 Simulates the hardware Volume Up button
F10 Simulates the hardware Volume Down button
F12 Simulates the hardware POWER button to turn off the display. When pressed twice, it shows the lock screen.
ESC Simulates the hardware BACK button in the Emulator
PAGE UP Enables the onscreen Keyboard
PAGE DOWN Disables the onscreen Keyboard
PAUSE/BREAK Toggles the Keyboard on the screen



I hope, this post would be always a handy guide for you while building apps and/or games for Windows Phone platform. Check out my other blog posts to read all my articles/tips related to Windows Phone and Silverlight technologies.


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