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Microsoft Tuesday - Top News - #06

Are you waiting for the Tuesday post? Here I am with the 6th post of the “Microsoft Tuesday” series in this channel with few top links on Mi... - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Are you waiting for the Tuesday post? Here I am with the 6th post of the “Microsoft Tuesday” series in this channel with few top links on Microsoft platform. Above the fold you will find posts on Office, Windows, IoT and Azure.


Follow the links mentioned below to know more about those posts. Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback on “Microsoft Tuesday” that I share weekly in this channel.

Office Delve - discover exactly what you need, when you need it

In his keynote today at the Convergence conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella showed Office Delve as a prime example of how Microsoft is reimagining productivity to help people work in new and more connected ways. Delve is an experience within Office 365 that surfaces relevant content and insights tailored to each person. It is powered by the Office Graph, an intelligent fabric that applies machine learning to map the connections between people, content and interactions that occur across Office 365.


Developing for the Windows 10 Device Platform

This week at WinHEC, we were able to talk to silicon, hardware, and device partners about the advances we are making in Windows 10 to simplify building Windows devices, drivers, and apps. Windows 10 will include a new IoT edition for small devices that is tuned to run Windows universal apps and drivers and is royalty free to makers and device builders. To highlight these advances, we demonstrated a single universal app that talked to a UV sensor via a single universal driver running on three different Windows 10 editions (PC, phone, and IoT) and three different hardware development boards (Intel Sharks Cove, Intel MinnowBoard MAX, and Qualcomm 410c).


Microsoft announces Azure IoT Suite

Today during Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the Azure IoT Suite. More and more, we’re seeing the Internet of Things (IoT) become part of the fabric of business, helping converge an organization’s assets, data and processes with people and business systems. Today, this intersection is allowing enterprises to uncover new opportunities, create new business models and transform their operations – from elevators, to particle accelerators and washing machines – to become truly digital businesses.



Windows 10 IoT: Powering the Internet of Things

Microsoft is making big investments in the Internet of Things (IoT). Earlier this week at Microsoft Convergence 2015, Satya outlined our investments for IoT across Windows and Azure that will provide a comprehensive IoT offering for our customers and partners. In parallel, at WinHEC 2015 in Shenzhen, we provided more details on Windows 10, including our offerings for IoT devices – Windows 10 IoT.


Power BI Preview now available worldwide

This morning at Microsoft’s Convergence Conference, we announced new products and services that will enable organizations to create a data culture in all parts of their organizations. Adopting a data culture starts with making information easily accessible to all - our Power BI offering is helping to accelerate that adoption by changing the way people access, use, manage and share data.




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