Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview tools (SDK) for developers on 23rd March. Once installed, you will be able to try out the new bits and start learning Windows 10's adaptive UI, application programming interface and the new controls part of this bit.


In this post, sharing the link of the web installer along with the ISO image of the SDK. Make sure that, you read the instructions before installing the SDK.



The Windows 10 Developer Preview tools provides an early look of the tools and features coming with the Windows universal app platform (UAP). Take advantage of new Windows capabilities and social integration to create an unique experiences for your customers, whether they’re running on a phone, tablet or PC.


Download and Instructions

Follow the below steps to install the tools and start building apps for Windows universal app platform (UAP):


Please note that, this is currently under developer preview release and might consists of bugs. Features and controls/APIs available in this bits might change in future. This release of this SDK is just to give you an overview on what’s coming in to build apps for Windows universal app platform. You can find some more useful links here:


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