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Are you using OneDrive to store your documents, pictures and musics? If not, you should start using it. OneDrive is secure and has very good integration with Windows 10. The app itself creates local copy of the selected files/folders and you are just one step away to store and retrieve files.


In Windows 10, it also offers one click sharing option directly from the explorer window. In this post, we will discuss about it. Read more to continue.



OneDrive for Windows 10 brings better integration with the explorer. Now you don’t have to go to the web to share the link. Just a click away to share a link of file or folder. Whoever will have that specific link will be able to see the contents of the shared link. But if you want to share it only for specific people by email and/or want more control over sharing options, you still have to visit the site. Hopefully in near future, Microsoft will add more features to the desktop version of OneDrive.


To share a link of a file or folder, just go to the OneDrive folder synched in your system. Make sure that, you have active internet connection. Then right click on the file or folder that you want to share, a context menu will appear in the screen as shown below:


Easily share OneDrive link in Windows 10 (


The “Share a OneDrive link” will allow you to share the content directly and you don’t have to visit the OneDrive portal. Click the menu item mentioned and it will first create a share link and will copy it to your clipboard for easy share via link. The files/folders which are shared, will have a share icon next to it.


OneDrive shared file-folder in Windows 10 (


If you click “More OneDrive sharing options” or “View on”, it will open up the default browser and will provide you more sharing options which are not currently available in the desktop version of the app. From there, you can invite people by email with restrictions and/or create a link. You can also create a shorten link from here. Un-share option is not available from explorer context menu. For this, you have to visit the site.


OneDrive - More sharing option online (


The other menu item “Choose OneDrive folders to sync” will allow you to select or deselect any new or existing files/folder respectively. Based on that selection, offline sync will going to happen. Make sure that, you have an active internet connection.


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