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It’s a big day of life when you receive Microsoft MVP Award and it becomes a golden moment when the giant company reward you for the 7th consecutive year. Yes, I have been re-awarded for the 7th time as a Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional.


This time also I have been awarded in the “Windows Development” category for my contributions toward the vast developer community.


Kunal Chowdhury, Microsoft MVP in Windows Development (


October 1st is generally a big day for me like others who are in the same renewal cycle of the most precious award called “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)”. I am happy to announce that, I have been rewarded as Microsoft MVP for the 7th time in a row for my continuous support to the developer community.


This year I have been rewarded as Microsoft MVP in the Windows Development category and here is the year wise breakup of my award cycle and category. More to go, more to come and all of these can be done together with all your support every time.


           - October 2010 - Silverlight
           - October 2011 - Silverlight
           - October 2012 - Silverlight
           - October 2013 - Client Development
           - October 2014 - Windows Platform Development
           - October 2015 - Windows Platform Development
           - October 2016 - Windows Development


Here’s the most prestigious mail received from Microsoft:


Microsoft MVP in Windows Development (


Thanks a lot to Microsoft, Microsoft MVP Award team, Biplab Paul and Gandharv for this special recognition. This means a lot to me. Thank you all my community friends for your support and feedback throughout the year.


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