Git Basics: How to list, search, show, create and push Git tags?

I hope that the last post on "Git Branches" from my "Tutorials on Git Basics" was easy for you to understand. Today we are going to discuss on another topic "Git Tags", which I hope, will help you to easily work with Git Bash commands.


Let's continue learning this today with the commands that you need to know. Stay tuned to get more posts on this topic.


How to tag a Git branch (www.kunal-chowdhury.com)


Like most other source control tools, Git also has the ability to tag or bookmark specific points in history as being important. Typically people use this functionality to mark release points. In this post, you’ll learn how to list the available tags, how to create new tags, what the different types of tags and how to push tags to remote.


List all the tags:

$ git tag


Search tags for a particular pattern:

$ git tag -l <tag-pattern>


Show a tag data:

$ git show <tag-name>


Create a Lightweight Tag:

$ git tag <tag-name>


Create an Annotated Tag:

$ git tag -a <tag-name> -m <tag-message>


Create a tag for a specific commit:

$ git tag -a <tag-name> <commit-checksome>


Push a specific tag to remote:

$ git push origin <tag-name>


Push all the tags to remote:

$ git push origin --tags


Checkout a specific to local:

$ git checkout -b <branch-name> <tag-name>


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  1. This topic has been something that I have been looking for a few hours. Your advices about using Git Bash commands are quite helpful and I will definitely use them and recommend to my friends. I get to see more helpful advices from you in future.


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