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During the big event on 26th October 2016, Microsoft made the announcement of it’s next major release of Windows 10. They named it as ‘Windows 10 Creators Update’, which we already know as ‘Redstone 2’ update. This release is going to be more focused on 3D, mixed reality and more.


Though the giant company didn’t announce the release date, but it’s planned to release sometime in Spring 2017 as free update.


Windows 10 'Creators Update' (


The new version of the operating system will bring 3D, focusing more on mixed reality, new sharing capability and gaming improvement; giving users the feel of 3D graphics. During the big event, Microsoft announced a new version of Paint, which it’s simply named “Paint 3D” and currently available to the insiders in fast ring to preview.


Along with this app, Microsoft will also introduce “Remix 3D”, which is an online community for creators to share their 3D creations with the world.


Windows 10 will also bring affordable mixed reality to every computer. The ‘Creators Update’ will be able to handle augmented reality and virtual reality out-of-the-box. In simple words, it’s going to change the world!



Along with these key features, Microsoft is also working to integrate new productivity features into the Windows 10 Creators Update. One of these new features include MyPeople, which will reside in the taskbar and will place your top four contacts next to the notification area.


Microsoft Edge will also include a few new improvements like new tab management system with preview of web pages and ability to pull out 3D objects from the browser.


If you are a Windows Insiders, you are going to see these updates soon before general public gets in Spring 2017. Also, checkout the new “Paint 3D” app and start sharing your feedback to Microsoft via the Feedback app.



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