Reasons behind Outlook goes into 'Not Responding' mode, while loading your Outlook profile

Most of the people in the current computing world use Microsoft Outlook as their default email client. There could be various occasions when you notice that, while launching Outlook it goes into 'Not Responding' mode.


What could be the reason behind this? How to resolve this issue? In this post, we are going to discuss on this topic today.


Outlook hangs while loading your profile and stops responding


Outlook files or settings are corrupted

If you face 'Not Responding' mode during the launch of Outlook, there's a higher possibility that the related files and/or settings are corrupted. Try to repair the Outlook installation from Windows Control Panel | Programs (Add/Remove Programs).


Data files are corrupted

In case, your Outlook data files are corrupted, it starts to repair the data files. But, in case it is unable to determine it, Outlook hangs while loading.


Third party addins are taking more time to load

This could be one of the most important point for 'Not Responding' to occur while Outlook load. In Outlook, we can install many 3rd party addins, which sometimes take larger amount of time while loading, and thus affects the overall launch. If you face such kind of issue, its always better to check by launching outlook in Safe Mode and then identify which addin/plugin is causing the same.


Data files are being accessed by other applications

Possibility is there if your data files are being accessed (or locked) by other applications. In such case, Outlook will hang while waiting for the data files to become available. Most of the time you may see the following message on screen, if the data files are being accessed by other applications:


Outlook hangs while loading your profile and stops responding


Make sure that, antivirus or any third party applications are not locking your Outlook data files. Also, turn OFF the indexing service of Windows to make sure that, it is the accessing the data file at that moment.



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