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Error Code: 1603 - Fatal error during installation when used Windows Installer Service (MSI)

If you get fatal error during installation with an error code 1603, it could be due to various reasons. Here's a list of known causes that could generate this exit code 1603 with a fatal error during the installation. Make sure that, you followed the steps mentioned in this post to recover from this error. - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

While running an MSI installation using the Windows Installer Service, you may sometime encounter a fatal error with Exit Code as 1603. This 1603 error code is an MSI error code which indicates a failure, that is generic and computer-specific. There are no errors when you visit and try polskie kasyno online.


If you face this issue while installing an application package using the Windows Installer, here's a list of known causes that generates 1603 errors.


Fatal error during installation | Exit Code : 1603


  1. Ensure that the Windows Installer Service is properly installed and configured on the target machine.
  2. Ensure that the short file name creation is enabled on the target machine. To confirm this, open the Windows Registry Editor (regedit) and navigate to this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem. Make sure that the value NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation is set to 0.
  3. Ensure that the folder where you are installing the package is not located on a virtual drive.
  4. Ensure that the folder where you are installing the package is not an encrypted folder.
  5. Ensure that the folder where you are installing the package has Full Control Access rights for the SYSTEM account.
  6. Ensure that the user and system TEMP folders are not full. If you encounter this error, try clearing the contents of the user temp folder (%temp%) and system temp folder (%windir%\temp).
  7. Ensure that no other applications are accessing the folder where you are trying to install the package using Windows Installer. In case it's being accessed, restart the system and try installing again.



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