Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8.2 is now available

Microsoft released a new servicing update (version 15.8.2) for Visual Studio 2017, which includes fixes for the issues reported in previous versions of the IDE. To know about the top issues fixed in this build and to download the latest version of Visual Studio 2017, continue reading.


Download latest version of Visual Studio 2017 (build 15.8.2)


Download latest version of Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 is the latest version of Visual Studio IDE and comes in three different editions. The different editions of Visual Studio 2017 are: Visual Studio Community 2017, Visual Studio Professional 2017 and Visual Studio Enterprise 2017.


If you are an indie developer and/or building open-source projects, you can download Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 for free. It gives you the total power of the Professional Edition.


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What are the top issues fixed in 15.8.2?

  • After upgrading to 15.8.0, publishing a single web file context menu item was missing.
  • Git network operations not working: Cannot spawn git-askpass.exe, as it was throwing No such file or directory error message.
  • Visual C++ Resource Editor Package load failed with the error message No InprocServer32 registered for package [Visual C++ Resource Editor Package].
  • Preview Transform gives error The assembly '[DLL]' containing the transform build task could not be found.
  • Cannot type close brace.
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object when deploying Service Fabric project after update 15.8.0, though all builds are successful.
  • The given path's format is not supported installation error.
  • Task ExpandPriContent failed. Illegal characters in path.
  • Could not create instance of type System.Collections.Genertic.Iset'1[Signer] installer error.
  • Service fabric deployment fails in 15.8.0.
  • Cannot create app package for Windows store. It throws the following error: You can't add both "[path]\obj\x86\Master\PackageUploadLayout\Data\boot.config" and "[path\obj\x86\Master\PackageLayout\Data\boot.config" to the output file as "Data\boot.config".
  • Incorrect code generation for strongly-typed resources.
  • Keyboard binding for Italian layout.
  • IntelliSense broken #9999.
  • When working on a Unity project and Unity rewrites multiple project files, the Visual Studio Tools for Unity will now automatically reload the solution.
  • The customer will now get a dialog to close Office applications if they are blocking the Visual Studio install and causing a failure of 1303.


Source: Visual Studio 2017 Release Notes