Microsoft to start rolling out chromium-powered Edge browser today

It's 15th January 2020, and Microsoft is set to start rolling out it's new chromium-powered Microsoft Edge browser today to Windows 10 users via the Windows Update service. The browser will have a new logo and support to Chrome extensions and user profiles.


Are you ready to experience the faster web browsing in Microsoft Edge with the chromium engine? Don't forget to check for updates in a few hours.


Microsoft to start rolling out chromium-powered Edge browser today



In the month of December 2018, Microsoft kicked-off the Edge Insiders program by announcing that they are now moving their Edge browser from EdgeHTML to Google's Chromium based open-source rendering engine to improve website compatibility and support Chrome plugins.


Once the roll out begins, it will be available via the Windows Update service to Windows 10 users, running version 1709 (RS4) and later. Though you won't have control to the automatic installation, but business users will have a chance to block this installation by using Group Policy or a registry change. If you are not yet ready to install it on your system, Microsoft has released a Blocker Toolkit to make it easier for you to block the automatic installation.


The new browser will have a brand new logo, as you can see in the above image. It will also have support for Google Chrome plugins and user profiles.


A point to note that the said open source chromium engine also powers Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi browsers. If you are a die hard Edge user, you will see a faster web browsing experience now similar to Chrome.



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