Microsoft recently confirmed that the "OneDrive Differential Sync" feature is now enabled for all file types and all customers. This will enable the OneDrive client to sync only a portion of the file that has been changed, resulting in minimal data usages while syncing files.


As the feature is now combined with on-demand sync, the OneDrive client will now sync only the files that you need and only the data that has been updated.


OneDrive differential sync is now enabled for all file types and all customers


  • Microsoft has rolled out OneDrive's enhanced differential sync feature for all file types.
  • The feature is now enabled for both business and personal users.
  • The feature only syncs the portion of the file where a change has been made.


Earlier, the OneDrive differential sync feature was only available for modern Office file formats and a request was made on UserVoice to enable it for all file types. Omar Shahine, Director of Program Management for OneDrive, announced on Twitter that "Enable differential sync (only sync parts of the files that changed)" - is now rolled out to all customers.


OneDrive on-demand sync feature syncs the file that you need, whereas the differential sync feature syncs only the portion of the file that has been changed instead of uploading the entire file to the cloud again and again. This reduces the bandwidth uses, saving the extra penny when you are on a metered connection.


Though it took 6 years for Microsoft to complete this feature, completion of it is really a big success.



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