Microsoft announces two new features (a file detail pane and a more comprehensive activity feed) for OneDrive web interface, which will improve the file sharing and collaboration experiences for the personal account users accessing OneDrive files from the web.


With these new features you can see activity and comment details on your OneDrive files without opening them. Here's more details about these features.



Microsoft brings two new collaboration features to OneDrive on the web for the personal account holders


Microsoft added two new features (a new detail pane and an improved activity feed) to OneDrive on the web. These new features centralize all the recent file activity into a single view, saving you time and making it easy for you to stay up to date on all your OneDrive files. If you are holding a personal OneDrive account, you can experience it right now.


A new file detail pane to help you access information about your file

A new file detail pane to help you access information about your file

In the new file detail pane, you can perform the following actions: Add a caption to a photo, Add a description to a file, Manage access to a file, Share a file with others, Change permission settings for existing users, Toggle between displaying all activity and comments only, Enable/disable commenting on a file, Add comments, Delete comments, Add or remove tags for a photo.


In addition to this, the new file detail pane of OneDrive shows the following information about each of your files on web:

  • A preview of the file/photo
  • A list of people who have access to the file/photo
  • All activities that have happened on the file such as creating/uploading, renaming, deleting, restoring, sharing, editing, and moving the file (ordered by most recent with a time stamp)
  • Comments made on pdfs, files, folders, photos and videos (ordered by most recent with a time stamp)
  • Other general information about the file/photo such as last modification date, size, path and file type


An improved activity feed that provides a snapshot of recent activity

An improved activity feed that provides a snapshot of recent activity

The new activity feed provides you a snapshot view of recent activities and comments from the past 30 days. In this feed you will see a log of recent activities such as file renaming, deleting, moving, restoring, and sharing, along with comments and edits (ordered by most recent with a time stamp).


All the recent activity is grouped into time sections like yesterday, last week etc. and a batched activity to avoid showing too much in a short time span.


Within the activity feed you can navigate to the file or folder by clicking the name of the file/folder.



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