Microsoft releases a new Windows 10 Preview build (version 20H2) to the insiders in the Beta channel (formerly known as Slow Ring). Surprisingly, the new build 19042.421 gets some new features, which were already released to Dev Channel earlier this month.


If you are excited to know what are the new features coming soon to Windows 10 version 20H2, later this year, you should continue reading further.


Windows 10 version 20H2 to have a new theme-aware Start, ALT + TAB experience, personalized Taskbar and more


  • Microsoft releases a new build to the Windows 10 Insiders Beta Channel.
  • The build 19042.421 contains some new features that going to come in Windows 10 later this year.


Though Microsoft earlier said that the Windows 10 version 20H2, targeted to release globally in the second half of 2020, will get some minor updates; but it is now very interesting to know that Microsoft gave a surprise to the Windows 10 users and adds some new features to it.


With the release of Windows 10 build 19042.421 to the Windows 10 Beta Channel, Microsoft made it clear that the next version of Windows 10 is going to have the new theme-aware start menu. The new Windows 10 Start menu will provide a more streamlined design that will remove the current solid color backplates behind the logos in the app list and apply a uniform, a partially transparent background to the tiles.


With this build, Microsoft brings a more personalized Taskbar for new users. This will provide a cleaner, more personalized, out-of-box experience to give the new users the content that they want without showing any cluttered view. This will be available only to new account creation or first login scenarios.



If you are a multitasker, you will find it useful to see all your tabs opened in Microsoft Edge can now be visible in the Alt + TAB screen irrespective of the active window.


If you now click a pinned site on the Taskbar will, it will show you all of the open tabs for that site across any of your Microsoft Edge windows. This is the same as you'd expect for any app with multiple open windows. This feature was recently previewed in Windows 10 Dev Channel build 20175, and now picking up for the Windows 10 version 20H2. Do note that, currently this feature requires Microsoft Edge Insider Build 85.0.561.0 or higher (Canary or Dev Channel).



Microsoft is improving the notification experience on Windows 10version 20H2. The updated experience will allow users to select the close button (X) on the top right corner of notification to quickly dismiss it and move next. Microsoft is also turning off the Focus Assist notification and summary toast by default so that the user won't see the notification saying Focus Assist has been turned on through an automatic rule.


With this new build, Microsoft is improving the Windows 10 tablet experience for 2-in-1 devices having detachable keyboards. With the new build, if the user detaches a keyboard from a 2-in-1 device, they won't get a notification toast telling them they are moving into tablet mode.



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