The life of the current generation is useless without WhatsApp. The platform is constantly coming up with new features to maintain its popularity and stand on top of other platforms. Once again, WhatsApp has appeared with a new feature.


The new feature will allow you to open the same account on multiple devices at the same time, and making it easy to sync the chat history.


WhatsApp Multiple Device Support will allow you to use the same account on 4 devices simultaneously


Currently, WhatsApp users can use their WhatsApp account on only one device at a time. As soon as you log in to another device, the first one is automatically logged out.


But with the new feature, you can now open an account with the same number on 4 devices at the same time. Users have been regretting this feature for quite some time. WhatsApp has named this feature as Multiple Device Support.


According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has worked on a new interface for the Android app and iOS for the Multiple Device feature. It has been said that when a user wants to use WhatsApp on another device, they need to copy the chat history. Copying chat data can cost a lot of data packs, and hence, a WiFi connection will be required.


As soon as the device is connected to an active WiFi connection, the process will start by itself.



Once the WhatsApp chat history is copied to the second device, you can easily use this device. Then all the messages will come to all the devices at once. This means that your chat history will be synced on each platform and when you remove a device, its encryption will change.


If you have security notifications on, the encryption key will change to the encoding device.



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