Microsoft rolled out a new Windows 10 insiders preview build to the testers in the Dev Channel (formerly known as Fast Ring). The new Windows 10 build 20190 includes changes to the GPU Settings page and post-update experience.


With this improved settings page, you will get more control over specifying the default high-performance GPU. Continue reading further, where we will be discussing more on this new feature.


Windows 10 to get new Graphics Settings that will allow you to specify a default high-performance GPU


Windows 10 is going to get some new improvements to the Graphics Settings page, which will allow you to specify a default high-performance GPU and pick a specific GPU on a per-application basis.


With the Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 20190, Microsoft previewed the forthcoming changes to the insiders to get early feedback.


If you are a power user having multiple high-performance GPUs and would like to specify which of those GPUs should be the one used for high-performance usages, you can now do that by going to Settings | System | Display | Graphics settings. You can also access it from Settings | Gaming | Graphics settings.


Windows 10 Graphics Settings Page


In addition to this, Windows 10 now also added the ability for you to specify exactly which GPU you want the app to use. This can be done using the new "Specific GPU" option as you can see in the below screenshot:


Windows 10 Graphics Preference Page


A point to note that, prior to these improvements, Windows always allowed users to select either integrated graphics or dedicated graphics if you have multiple graphics cards installed on your system.



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