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Microsoft is experimenting with a new feature called "Startup Boost" that will start a set of Microsoft Edge processes in the background to have a faster experience to launch the chromium-powered Edge browser on Windows 10 from desktop, taskbar icon, and links within other apps.


Though the Redmond giant didn't give any commitment by when the feature will arrive in the stable build, you can experiment with the feature right now if you are running Edge Insiders build.


Microsoft Edge gets 'Startup Boost' feature in Canary build


If you are running the Microsoft Edge build 88 from the Canary channel, you can experiment with the new Startup Boost feature of Microsoft Edge Chromium. As it is an optional feature, you will have to turn it ON.


When enabled, it will boost the launching time of Microsoft Edge from desktop icons, taskbar icons, and links embedded in other apps by silently opening a set of Microsoft Edge processes in the background when you log on to your system.


Here I have published a video demonstrating the feature added to Microsoft Edge:



Microsoft said, though the feature will launch a set of browser processes in the background at device startup, it won't have any impact on system resources as those processes will be opened with low priority.


You can check whether the Startup Boost feature of Microsoft Edge is running by navigating to edge://settings/system. If the feature is disabled, you can enable it by toggling ON the button next to the label "Startup boost", as shown in the following screenshot:


Here's how to turn ON the 'Startup Boost' feature of Microsoft Edge on Windows


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