SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic objects, which are basically shapes, icons, or images. When the SVG objects are available in Microsoft Office documents, you didn't have the option to copy and paste those to any non-Microsoft SVG supported apps.


Now, Microsoft adds a new feature in the latest Microsoft Office apps that will allow you to copy and paste SVG content from Office applications to other third-party apps that support SVG. To know more about the availability, continue reading further.


You can now copy/paste SVG contents from Microsoft Office apps to third party apps


Microsoft released a new Office Build to the Office Insiders for Windows in the Current (Preview) Channel and for Mac in the Fast ring. The latest build 16.0.13408.20000 for Windows and 16.0.20070100 for Mac adds a feature that will allow users to copy SVG contents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook to any 3rd party apps that supports SVG.


Microsoft said that they are going to roll out the feature to other Office apps soon.


To access this feature, insert an SVG object into an Office App. Select the object, copy it, and then paste it to any other SVG supported app.


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