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Microsoft releases the Windows 10 driver updates to ensure your system runs smoothly when new operating system updates are available. But sometimes the driver updates pushed via the Windows Updates creates problem to the end-users due to hardware incompatibility.


As we are reaching the US holiday season in December, most of the employees will be on leave. Thus, it may create more problems if something unexpectedly goes wrong. And hence the company decided to temporarily pause the driver updates.


Microsoft temporarily suspends Windows 10 driver updates


Microsoft in a blog post says that the company is suspending the driver updates for Windows 10 as it is approaching the US holiday season beginning December 21. This has been decided as the driver updates pushed via Windows Update sometime creates problem to systems.


Microsoft says that if the hardware manufacturer wants to roll out any driver updates this December, they have to submit the driver to Microsoft for approval by December 3, and it will go to the release monitoring phase by December 17.


If any driver pending for review after December 17, won't be approved before January 2021. But a consumer, if wants, can head over to the manufacturer site and manually install any driver updates.


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