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Earlier this week, Microsoft released PowerToys version 0.27 with a bunch of new improvements and said that the Video conferencing mute utility will soon come as an experimental feature before it hits the final release. Now the company released PowerToys pre-release version 0.28.0, which comes with all the features and fixes part of v0.27, plus the Video conference mute utility.


Those who are in the regular release channel will still have to wait a little longer until Microsoft integrates the utility in the coming weeks after fixing all the bugs and finalizing the offering.


PowerToys version 0.28 (pre-release) adds Video conference mute utility


PowerToys version 0.28.0 for Windows is a pre-release (experimental) software that comes with all the changes part of PowerToys version 0.27.0 plus the new Video conference mute feature.


In the release note of the latest offering, Microsoft added that the company is "currently looking into changing the virtual webcam driver into a DirectShow filter". However, this change is not part of the current release.


Apart from this, Microsoft added an optional image overlay for the video in the new video conference mute utility. To try out this feature, you will have to manually install the latest pre-release version of PowerToys.


Those who are already on the "Experimental" train, running the pre-release version of PowerToys, will be prompted for updates. Additionally, point to note that the current release cannot be installed through WinGet as the driver still prompts permission during the installation time.


Those who are interested can download PowerToys 0.28.0 pre-release version from the official GitHub site to try the new tool.


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