📢 PowerToys 0.27 comes with a bunch of improvements

Microsoft releases PowerToys version 0.27 that includes a bunch of improvements and bug fixes. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Just a month ago Microsoft released PowerToys 0.25, and now the firm came with PowerToys 0.27, skipping version 0.26 for some higher priority work. Those who are waiting for the Video Conference Mute utility, have to wait a bit longer as it will be released as an experimental feature with version 0.28.


The latest version of PowerToys comes with a bunch of new improvements and fixes. For a complete list of feature changes, continue reading further.


PowerToys 0.27 comes with a bunch of improvements


With the PowerToys version 0.27, Microsoft adds installer improvements including Dark Mode, and fixed a bunch of accessibility issues.


Microsoft finished working on the Color Picker and the Image Resizer UI. The latest build will include a more fluent design and WinUI like rounded corners for the Color Picker and Image Resizer windows.


As part of this update, Microsoft also improved the multi-monitor editor experience for Fancy Zones, and also added the ability to have no layout.


If you are looking for the PowerToys setup, you can download the latest version of the PowerToys from GitHub. As it comes as an Open-Source library, you can also download the source code.


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