Almost a month ago, Microsoft released PowerToys v0.33.1 with some "critical new functionalities" as marked by the company. With that release, the company added first load experience, improvements to FancyZones, File Explorer and other improvements to PowerToys 0.33.1.


After a month, skipping version 0.34, Microsoft PowerToys version 0.35 is now available for download. It comes with some new improvements, including the new functionality to quickly swap the layouts of FancyZones, DirectShow migration for Video Conference Mute feature, and more.


PowerToys 0.35 comes with quick swapping layouts for FancyZones, and other improvements


Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities for advanced users to tune and streamline their Windows 10 experience with a set of new productivity features. A new update to PowerToys for Windows 10 is now available. The latest build version 0.35 adds a bunch of new features and fixes to PowerToys.


What's new and improved with PowerToys v0.35?

In PowerToys v0.35, Microsoft adds hotkeys and quick-swap functionality for custom layouts. The users can now assign a hotkey in the editor and use it to quickly set a desktop's zones with Ctrl + Win + Alt + NUMBER key binding, or by pressing the hotkey while dragging a window. When you are using a vertical Taskbar, zone placement had an issue in the previous version of PowerToys which has been fixed in this new release.


You can now press Esc to exit the Color Picker. Users can now specify the position of the PowerToys Run window. New plugins were added in the latest version to support opening the previously used Visual Studio Code workspaces, remote machines, and containers.


The shell history now saves the raw command instead of the resolved command. Apart from these new improvements, the latest build also fixes a number of bugs. If you are using PowerToys, you should upgrade to this release to have a smoother experience.



The video conference mute tool is still not present in the latest version of PowerToys. It is still under experimental features. Another experimental release (v0.36) is planned for the week of April 5th, which will fix a few bugs present in the Video Conference Mute tool.


With the release of PowerToys 0.35, Microsoft also announced v0.37 which will require Windows 10 version 1903 or higher. The company may bring back support once they migrate it to WinUI 3.


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