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Microsoft releases a new Windows 10 preview build 21354 to the Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. Though there are no major changes to stand out in this release, you will definitely like to try out the new improvements and fixes.


The most interesting part of this build is that the build is being rolled out from the CO_RELEASE branch. That makes it the first build from the new branch.


Windows 10 build 21354 from the co_release branch rolls out to Insiders in the Dev Channel


Back in January 2021, with the Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 21286, Microsoft introduced a new feature called "News and Interests" for Windows 10 Taskbar. Later we have seen many improvements being added to the taskbar experience. The same is with the latest Windows 10 build. With the new build 21354, being rolled out to the Windows Insiders from the co_release branch, Microsoft added the following new improvements:


  • Now, when you hover on the weather icon on your taskbar, you’ll see a new “Manage interests” button appearing at the top of the window.
  • New users may also see a personalization card in their feed to help them get started.
  • You can now use the search box at the top of the “My interests” page to search for the topics or publishers you want to follow.
  • You can also discover interests by browsing over a dozen categories, including different types of news, entertainment, and sports topics.
  • When you select a topic to follow, you’ll see more stories about it in your feed as stories become available.
  • You can manage the topics you’re following by selecting “Followed interests” in the left navigation.
  • Microsoft is now adding a new option "Tune your feed" to make it easy to explore and follow publishers from the partner ecosystem.



Do note that these new personalization experiences are now available in several markets, including the US, UK, Canada, India, and Australia. Microsoft said that they are gradually rolling out this feature to the global market.


Content Adaptive Brightness Control (CABC) helps you to improve battery performance. But that results in distracting brightness changes where image quality is of high importance. So, with the latest Windows 10 build 21354, Microsoft is now giving you the option to turn off the CABC feature directly from the Display Settings (System > Display).


To bring awareness to high-quality HDR displays and educate customers, Microsoft is now bringing the HDR certification to Settings > System > Display > Advanced display settings. Under this settings page, a display’s HDR certifications will be shown.



Yesterday we have seen that the Microsoft Paint (mspaint) app being listed in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft now announced that the MS Paint and Snipping Tool will now be going to be updated through the Microsoft Store. Microsoft said that the Snipping Tool has been packaged together with the Snip & Sketch app. The insiders who previously did not have Snip & Sketch installed on their system will see Snipping Tool removed after updating to this build.


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