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If you are an Office Insider, Microsoft released a new preview build 14210.20004 for Office suites (version 2107) in the Windows Beta Channel (Fast Ring). The latest Microsoft Office Insiders Preview Build adds a new feature to the Microsoft Outlook client.


This build also comes with a bug fix for Microsoft Word where comments were becoming read-only during collaborations. For more details about the new feature, continue reading next.



Immersive Reader comes to Microsoft Outlook client with latest Office Insiders Beta build


What's new in Microsoft Office build 14210

Immersive Reader is a Microsoft Office tool that lets you better focus on your content. Earlier, this tool was limited to Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote. But now, the company is promoting it to the Microsoft Outlook client on the desktop.


If you are running Microsoft Office version 2107 build 14210.20004 or higher, you will now see this Immersive Reader feature in Microsoft Outlook client for desktop. This tool adjusts the text spacing, colors, column widths, and more, and uses line focusing to highlight the content being read.


To access the feature on Microsoft Outlook, select the View menu within the Outlook Client and then click the Immersive Reader button.


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