📢 Microsoft Teams to create SharePoint team sites automatically

Microsoft is now working on a new feature for Teams that will automatically create a new Team Site or Channel Site on SharePoint server. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Microsoft Teams is getting another new feature in the coming days. According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap (Feature ID: 81945), Every Microsoft Teams team is connected to a SharePoint team site. That means, once Microsoft rolls out this feature, Microsoft Teams will automatically create a new SharePoint Teams Site for you.


According to Microsoft, this feature will start rolling out for the Targeted release (select users and entire organization) beginning in late June and will be completed by early July. The standard release will begin in mid-July and will be completed by early August.


Microsoft Teams to create SharePoint team sites automatically



As of now, it was allowed to attach a SharePoint site to a Microsoft Team Group or a Teams Channel. Now, Microsoft is working on a new feature that will automatically create a SharePoint site once you create your Group or Channel in Microsoft Teams. This is called "Microsoft Teams connected team sites".


If you are creating a private channel in Microsoft Teams, a SharePoint team site automatically gets created and is known as a "Microsoft Teams connected channel site".


A point to note that these Teams connected team sites and channel sites are managed differently than your typical SharePoint team site.



Once the site is created, you will see specific updates, including updates to site features, site permissions alignment, site classifications, and sensitivity labels, and improvements to the Teams user interface.


Site classification (including sensitivity labels and information barriers) will be read-only in SharePoint. Site permissions will not be available to edit in the SharePoint Advanced Settings page and instead will be managed in the team settings in Microsoft Teams.


The only exception to this rule is for a parent site. A parent site is a group of connected team sites that hosts standard channels and is connected to private channel sites. The Parent site still allows edits to the site permissions from SharePoint.


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