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Last week, Microsoft started rolling out the first preview build of Microsoft Office version 2108 to the Office Insiders who are in the Windows Beta Channel. That build (14301.20004) added a new feature to the Outlook client allowing you to turn off suggested replies if you are not happy with it.


This week the company released a new build (14312.20008) for Microsoft Office version 2108 that adds another new feature to the Outlook client and a set of few fixes for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.


Microsoft Office Version 2108 (Build 14312.20008) released to insiders with these feature


What's new and improved in Microsoft Office Version 2108

What's new in Outlook

Link to Create Account

  • When adding an account to Outlook, a link to create a new account now appears in the window.

What's new in Word

  • We fixed an issue where proofing settings didn’t persist.
  • We fixed an issue where bullets could disappear from text during co-authoring.
  • We fixed an issue related to saving files.

What's new in Excel

  • We fixed an issue where small data markers disappeared when the spreadsheet zoomed out.
  • We fixed an issue where a different workbook was opened when a workbook had to be closed and re-opened because it was modified and checked in by a different user.
  • We fixed an issue for protected files with no label metadata; the label is determined by the protection. Mandatory labeling now uses label metadata and label policy.



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