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Microsoft announced the availability of Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community 2019 edition in Microsoft Store for Windows 11. That means if you are a Windows Insider and currently running Windows 11 Preview either from Dev Channel or Beta Channel, can now download Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community 2019 from the revamped Microsoft Store.


These are free offerings from Microsoft for the developers who want to build applications regardless of the app framework and packaging technology. For others, who are not yet on Windows 11 can download Visual Studio Community 2019 for free from here (official Microsoft download link).


Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community 2019 now available from Microsoft Store on Windows 11


Visual Studio Community 2019

Visual Studio Community 2019 is a fully-featured, extensible, free integrated development environment for creating modern applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux as well as web applications, cloud services, and games. Code in C#, Visual Basic, F#, C++, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and more. Leverage built-in tools for designing, editing, analyzing, debugging, testing, and deploying code to any platform.


Visual Studio Community is free for individuals and for organizations engaged in training and education, academic research, developing open-source projects, Windows device drivers, and SQL development.



Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a free, lightweight, and extensible code editor for building web, desktop, and mobile applications, using any programming language and framework.


Visual Studio Code has built-in support for Git source control management and powerful integrations with GitHub, an integrated debugger, and smart code completion with IntelliSense and with AI-driven IntelliCode. With over 30,000 extensions and themes in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace, you can customize the features and the look of Visual Studio Code to fit your needs, preferences, and style.


You can use Visual Studio Code to build any kind of app, for the web, desktop, and mobile. Visual Studio Code supports JavaScript and TypeScript natively and offers extensions for coding in languages such as Python, Java, C/C++, C#, Go, Rust, PHP, and many more.




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