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A few computer tricks that you should know

Are you ready to dig deep into the world of computers and make your time with the PC a little more fun and easy? Then you shouldn't miss these tricks. - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

The pandemic has forced us to put our entire lives within a 14-inch screen. People have been spending hours and hours on the computer, and it has become a crucial part and parcel of life. We wrap our heads around a huge misconception because we know everything about computers, all tips, and tricks.


But, there is so much more to know than just pressing the ctrl function with Z, V and C. So, are you ready to dig deep into the world of computers and make your time with the PC a little more fun and easy?


A few computer tricks that you should know


Minimize All Programs at Once

When you browse the internet, the tabs keep accumulating, and you will never notice until your entire window is stocked up with 100 tabs. Now, if you close all the tabs, you will lose all your work, so minimizing everything one after the other is not an option. So, how can you minimize everything in one go? Press Windows Key + D!


Optimize Your Internet

The internet and computers are pretty much inseparable these days. It is important to ensure that you have a reliable internet connection. A lot relies on your ISP, but you can look for ways to solve some issues yourself.

For example, if you have a MacBook, and are looking for ways to increase upload speed mac has, try to check for third-party peripherals that are potentially jamming the signal and getting rid of them. Cleaning temporary system storage and connecting via a virtual private network could help as well.


Use Voice Assistant

Most computer devices are now launched with inbuilt voice assistants like Alexa and Siri. So, rather than spending your time typing and clicking on multiple programs. You can easily just talk to the inbuilt voice assistant and give in all your commands that you need to. Just ask Alexa to ‘Open WhatsApp,’ and you will see an open window on the screen.


Install an Antivirus

If you are using the internet or engaging with external files on the device, you need to have a strong antivirus program installed so that you can protect your data. The topic requires the attention it deserves, so invest in getting reliable antivirus software to feel safer while using a computer.


Record a Video by Using Keys

A few computer tricks that you should know


Have you ever watched all those YouTube tutorials where they teach you to perform a few actions on the computer? Well, that is something that even you can do on your laptop without the requirement of an additional shortcut. Just press Windows + G and select ‘Yes, this is a game’. Then press Windows + R to record the screen!


Save Files

You do not always click on ‘File’ and then ‘Save As’ to save your file all the time. Just use the instant keyboard shortcut CTRL + S. After that, you just need to type the file name and create a new file. If you are not regularly using docs and editing pictures, this shortcut might not be helpful. But in case you do, then you just need to get this shortcut on your tips.


What if you are browsing through the internet and would like to download a particular file? Rather than downloading the picture after right-clicking on your mouse, just drag and drop that folder to your desktop.


Change the Background During a Video Call

If you want to get an excellent background behind yourself during a video call, just get yourself a green screen, choose from many image backgrounds, and set it up the next time you get on a video call with someone.


Adjust a Sleep Timer on Your Computer

If you have a habit of dozing off to sleep while watching a movie at night and waking up with a discharged laptop, then just set a sleep timer on your computer. You can select a sleep timer right after you start to feel dizzy; then, after a specified time, the computer will switch off automatically.


Use Keyboard Shortcuts

A few computer tricks that you should know


There are a lot of things that you can do just by using the keyboard. You do not always need to keep clicking your mouse all over the screen. So, just use a few keyboard shortcuts.

  • To limit all windows just, press Windows + D.
  • Reopen your last shut tab with Shift + CTRL + T on most programs.
  • Close the program running with ALT + F4.
  • Rather than moving the cursor to the X in the corner, press CTRL + W to close the current window.


Final Words

These are the few tips and tricks using which you can quickly get your way around your computer regularly. After all, if your smart computer is not used intelligently, you are not using it right at all.


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