Fortnite is filled with flashy cosmetics, a key reason why it’s so popular among current players. The shop sees weekly rotations of hundreds of these items. However, some items have not appeared in the shop for years. Now even the battle pass offers exclusive items which are unobtainable to new payers.


The only way to get them is to buy a Fortnite account from other players, and there are plenty of Fortnite accounts for sale on the internet.


5 Fortnite cosmetic items that new players cannot get


In this list, you’ll learn about 5 cosmetic items that most players are begging Epic to bring back to the game:


1. Throwback Axe

The majority of the Fortnite community should have this item because it was given away for free from November 2020 to January 2021. The Throwback Axe was used as the default harvesting tool back in Chapter 1. It was slightly redesigned in Chapter 2 and reintroduced back into the game in 2020. However, those who did not find it worthy of their collection or joined too late cannot have it anymore.


2. Millennium Falcon Glider

The skin is a must-have for any Star Wars fan. Star Wars is a legend, and there is no end of die-hard fans begging to get their hands on this glider. It was a limited-time cosmetic that players had to open during the 2019 Winterfest. The Millennium Falcon is considered one of the most iconic ships in the entire franchise, making it the best reward for that season. The glider is only accessible to players who participated in the 2019 Winterfest. If you want it, look for an account for sale that already has the skin.



3. Snowflake Umbrella Glider

Players could earn the Snowflake Umbrella only during Chapter 1, Season 2. It was an exclusive glider and one of the hardest to obtain. To get it, you would have to win a round, which was quite difficult back then. This was a time when you could not edit on opponents, which made the game even more difficult. Owning the Umbrella back then was a sign of prestige, which signified the owner’s worth as a player. Someone who has been around since the beginning.


4. Avengers Qinjet Glider

The Quinjet made its debut long before the Marvel-themed season. It was the time when Avengers: Endgame just launched, and Fortnite decided to a crossover event. Players had to complete a set of challenges to unlock the Quinjet Glider. Much like the Millennium Falcon, the Quinjet is a must-have for Marvel fans and its value keeps increasing, especially since it cannot be obtained anymore.



5. Tart Tycoon Skin

The Tart Tycoon skin has historical significance. It was launched during the Epic vs Apple lawsuit incident, in an attempt to mock the latter. Epic released it through a tournament, aka the #FreeFortniteCup. Only those who participated in the tournament received the skin, making it one of a kind. This piece of history will never be available, especially since the trial has finally concluded.


All of the items mentioned here are never coming back to Fortnite, and the only way to acquire them is to buy a Fortnite account that contains them all.


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