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Last week Microsoft released PowerToys 0.51, which came with several new improvements. Some of the most highlighted improvements were within the mouse utilities part of the Microsoft PowerToys. Now, the company released another update which is rolling out as Microsoft PowerToys version 0.51.1.


The latest version of PowerToys is a patch on top of the previous release, which brings some stability improvements based on user feedback. To know more details about this release, continue reading further.


Microsoft PowerToys 0.51.1 brings stability improvements


As the Microsoft PowerToys version 0.51.1 is a patch release, it contains all the new features and improvements part of version 0.51.0. Apart from that, the new release brings the following stability improvements:

  • #13214 - FZ losing layouts due to VirtualDesktopManager init
  • #14701 - PT Run due to duplicate older plugins


The first bug is related to Fancy Zones, which doesn't load it when you first boot into Windows 10 or Windows 11. That was causing custom layout shortcuts not to be triggered. Users need to manually disable and then enable FancyZones to load it. Microsoft says that it was due to the VirtualDesktopManager.


The second bug is related to updating Microsoft PowerToys that incorrectly reports the users to use a new app to open power toys link and causing an exception of type System.ArgumentException with an error message An item with the same key has already been added. Key: B4D3B69656E14D44865C8D818EAE47C4 at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary.


If you are using Microsoft PowerToys, update to the latest build.


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