What to do if WhatsApp is not ringing when the phone is locked

If for whatever the reason your phone does not ring on any incoming WhatsApp call, here are few possible reasons to solve this issue. - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging system that most people use these days for messaging and having audio, video calls with friends and families. But many times it happens that when the phone is locked and an audio/video call comes to GBWhatsApp, the phone does not ring!


Once you unlock the phone, that time you realize that several missed calls already came when the phone was locked. In this article, we will try to solve this problem. So, continue reading the complete post.


What to do if WhatsApp is not ringing when the phone is locked


Battery saver is enabled

If the battery saver is enabled, many times the phone data and various apps are automatically shut down. Your phone does this to save battery. So if the battery saver is enabled, the notification of WhatsApp call on the phone may be turned off.


Background data is turned off

WhatsApp requires 24 hours of background data to run properly. So check if the background data of the phone is enabled. If not, enable this option.



DND / Do-Not-Disturb is enabled

If you have 'Do-Not Disturb' enabled on your phone, turn it off. You can enable or disable this option in the 'Sound' section in Android settings. Open Settings and select 'Sound'. Now enable or disable 'Do-Not-Disturb'.


App notifications are turned off

If the app notification is closed for any reason, enable it again. To do this, tap and hold the WhatsApp icon. Now select "App Info" and select "Notification". Turn off the "Show Notification" button and turn it on again.



WhatsApp is outdated

Many times there is a problem with the app because the latest version is not installed. For this reason, if there is any update left from the Play Store, download and install it.


WhatsApp data cache is full or corrupt

Many times when an app stores too much cache data it stops working properly. In this case, if you delete the cache of the app, it will start working properly again.


Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on
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