📢 Microsoft announces end of support for older versions of Visual Studio

Microsoft announces end of support for older versions of Visual Studio. Here's everything that you would like to know. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on

Visual Studio is the integrated development platform (IDE) from Microsoft that is used to build websites, web services, mobile applications, and desktop applications. If you are on the .NET platform, you have already used any one of the various versions of Visual Studio editor.


As Visual Studio 2022 has been already released a year ago, now the company has announced the end of support for the old versions: Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2017, and Visual Studio 2019.


Microsoft announces end of support for older versions of Visual Studio


Visual Studio 2022 is our most productive IDE ever, and we recommend all our customers upgrade to it, especially those using the Community Edition, says Paul Chapman, Principal Program Manager of the Visual Studio Release Engineering department. For those who don't know, Visual Studio 2022 is the first version of the IDE that runs in a 64-bit process, and thus it allows you to build the most complex solutions without running out of memory.


  1. Visual Studio 2012: support ends on January 9, 2023, for the IDE and its associated products, runtimes, and components. Microsoft recommends users upgrade to a newer version of Visual Studio.
  2. Visual Studio 2017: mainstream support ends April 12, 2022, and the product will transition to extended support until April 2027. During extended support, Microsoft will provide fixes only for security issues. The company recommends the users move to the 15.9 supported baseline to remain under support.
  3. Visual Studio 2019 version 16.7: support ends April 12, 2022. Microsoft recommends users move to the version 16.11 supported baseline, or to Visual Studio 2022.
  4. Visual Studio 2019 Preview Channel: after April 2022, Microsoft will no longer provide updates to the Preview Channel of Visual Studio 2019. The company recommends users migrate to either the Visual Studio 2019 Release Channel or to Visual Studio 2022 Preview to stay secure and receive the latest feature updates.


Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on
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