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Last week, Microsoft released PowerToys 0.55.0 for Windows which brought three new utilities and several improvements. Now the company has released PowerToys version 0.55.2 as a patch to fix an issue that was noticed in v0.55.1.


For those unaware, Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities, which allows users to streamline their Microsoft Windows experience to have greater productivity using the operating system.


Microsoft PowerToys v0.55.2 is now available for download


What's new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys 0.55.2

This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.55.1 due to an installer bug and .NET 5 doing an update for the runtime. We deemed it important for stability based on incoming rates, says Microsoft. It also includes the other bug fixes part of version 0.55.1. Here is the complete changelog of Microsoft PowerToys version 0.55.1 and Microsoft PowerToys version 0.55.2:

  • #16203 - Installer didn't handle when a newer version was released for .NET 5
  • #15910 - Shortcut keys retain taken after disabled for Shortcut Guide, Mouse highlighter, Mouse pointer crosshair. This was a bug we had for a while but with the increased mouse utilities using the shared code path, it was just noticed.
  • #15450 - Fixing a bug where settings weren't properly saved. This bug was introduced with the 0.53 installer update and now is fixed with 0.55.1.
  • #15487 - After installation, PT won't automatically start as admin unless don't-elevate arg is used. This bug was introduced with the 0.53 installer update and now is fixed with 0.55.1.
  • #15869 - Removed a dead code path and unused DLL.
  • #15885 - Mouse pointer crosshairs crashing race condition bug.
  • #15348, #15488 - Small UX fixes for helping way find.
  • #15887 - Revert part of a Window Walker improvements in #6084 that did an IsCloak check. This impacted virtual desktop users.



To update to the latest version of the Microsoft PowerToys, open the Settings and go to the "General" tab from the navigation pane present on the left. Now, scroll down to the end of the General tab to have the "Updates" section. Click on the "Check for updates" to receive the latest version of the app installed on your system.


As an alternate, you can download the PowerToys app either from the Microsoft Store or GitHub.


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