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Best Sport News Apps 2022

There is no fun to watch a game if you cannot cheer with your friends, or bet on the winnings of your favorite player, team or the match scores. - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

The pandemic has been taxing most of us. Sports enthusiasts and lovers are no exception. There is no fun to watch a game if you cannot cheer with your friends, or bet on the winnings of your favorite player, team, or the match scores in general. However, to battle with that, you have the rowing industry of online betting that also includes sports betting.


Apps like cybersport allow you to do so. However, to bet on matches, you need to be constantly updated on the matches as well. So, here is a list of some of the best sports news apps with their unique features that make them stand out from the rest because, at the app or play store, you will find numerous such apps.


Best Sport News Apps 2022


1. Bleacher Report

This one gives you the latest updated information on your favorite sport and is supported both on Android and iOS. The best feature of this one is personalization that allows the user to find their own arena by following their favorite sport, league, team, player, etc. All the breaking sports news along with score updates are made very fast. There are carousels by which the user can scroll through the teams that they like on the homepage of Bleacher Report. According to user preferences, there are top stories that help the user get the latest news of their areas of preference. Moreover, there is a bookmarking feature that allows users to trace their favorite sports stories.



2. Yahoo Sports

This one is also available both on Android as well as on iOS. It provides extensive and holistic coverage of all the important football leagues to their tiniest detail. Here also you get the feature of personalization which happens depending on the teams that you select. You can find content specially curated for you from blogs and news articles. The interface is very user-friendly. Moreover, you can search not only articles but also videos that make it even more useful.


3. theScore

This one again is available both in the Apple app store and the Google Play store. Here too you get a personalized news feed depending on the kind of stories you show your interest in. There is also a dashboard that allows you to get hold of the scores in real-time. The group chat option is probably the best part where you can chat in both private and public chats with any like-minded enthusiast while a match is still running. It in itself forms a community. You will also find the biggest stories on your favorite teams or players that are not about the game but about their social lives. This app also allows you to share your activity on social media sites.



4. CBS Sports

You can download this on both iOS and Android and get personalized news updates based entirely on your preferences. The best part is a live sports app that gives you news 24/7 which is crucial for betting. Experts also give daily advice on wagering.


Tried them all? Let us know which you prefer.


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