📢 Microsoft Edge version 100 released to the Beta channel

Microsoft Edge version 100 build 100.0.1185.10 is now rolling out to the Edge Insiders in Beta Channel with the following new features, improvements. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on , and was last updated on 2022-03-19T10:30:00Z.

Microsoft Edge version 100 released to the Beta channel
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While the Microsoft Edge version 99 hits the Stable Channel earlier this month, Microsoft is now rolling out Edge version 100 to the Edge Insiders in the Beta Channel. The latest version comes with build number 100.0.1185.10 and contains a few feature updates and policy changes.


If you are running Microsoft Edge (Chromium) from the Beta Channel, you can now test these new improvements added to Microsoft Edge. Here is the list of new features and improvements in Microsoft Edge build 100.0.1185.10.


Microsoft Edge version 100 released to the Beta channel


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge version 100.0.1185.10

Feature updates

  • Improvements to the Cloud Site List Management experience for IE Mode. You can configure session cookie sharing between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer for IE Mode on your site list in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Note: This is a controlled feature rollout. If you don't see this feature, check back as we continue our rollout.
  • Preview PDF files in Microsoft Outlook and File Explorer. Users can view a PDF file in a lightweight and rich read-only preview. Available for Outlook Desktop PDF attachments or for local PDF files using File Explorer.
  • Installed web app synchronization across all desktop devices. Websites or Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that have been installed as applications will synchronize across all desktop devices that you've signed into and enabled sync on. They'll show as "Available apps" for you to install. An app removed from one device will sync the removal on all devices.



Policy updates

New policies

  • AdsTransparencyEnabled - Configure if the ads transparency feature is enabled
  • ControlDefaultStateOfAllowExtensionFromOtherStoresSettingEnabled - Configure default state of Allow extensions from other stores setting
  • DefaultWebHidGuardSetting - Control use of the WebHID API
  • EdgeAssetDeliveryServiceEnabled - Allow features to download assets from the Asset Delivery Service
  • HideRestoreDialogEnabled - Hide restore pages dialog after browser crash
  • PDFSecureMode - Secure mode and Certificate-based Digital Signature validation in native PDF reader
  • PromptOnMultipleMatchingCertificates - Prompt the user to select a certificate when multiple certificates match
  • WebHidAskForUrls - Allow the WebHID API on these sites
  • WebHidBlockedForUrls - Block the WebHID API on these sites



Deprecated policy

  • BackgroundTemplateListUpdatesEnabled - Enables background updates to the list of available templates for Collections and other features that use templates


Obsoleted policy

  • AllowSyncXHRInPageDismissal - Allow pages to send synchronous XHR requests during page dismissal