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How can Instagram video call be recorded

Instagram had just added a new feature that will let you video call your friends, business partners, and family. Here we will show how to do it. - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Instagram is no longer just a platform where you can just post your pictures now it has become a full-fledged messaging app. It is no longer a social networking site, where you just post pictures and get maximum Instagram followers on your profile and likes on them. It has made some major updates now you can upload IGTV videos, and do video and audio calls.


How can Instagram video call be recorded


This feature will let you video call your friends, business partners, and family. These updates are available to all users. If you don’t have access to these features, update your Instagram to the latest version.


Instagram had just added a new feature like other social media apps by keeping in mind the current trends.



How to make a video call?

If you want to do a video call then you have to go to the chat section and select the contact whom you are interested to call. In the chat window present on the right corner, there is an option that says video call. Tap on the camera and the video call will start ringing to your friend. If your friend whom you are calling is online he will pick up the call. You can do video calls only to your followers on Instagram. In the video calls, you can add more than one person as you do in a group call, it's up to you. 6 people can do a video call at once. You can browse on an Instagram feed by minimizing the video screen.


You can only make a video call to the people you follow. Followers you have blocked or you don’t follow on Instagram don’t have access to video call you.



How to record an Instagram video call?

There isn’t any feature revealed which shows how Instagram video calls are recorded. For this purpose, you have to download a screen recorder app from the app store. Using these apps you can record Instagram video calls. Another way to record the video call is to set up the screen recording feature on your cell phone.


For iPhone users

Tap on the settings then add screen recording to the control center. The Control center menu will show up when you swipe up on your iPhone. Using the screen recorder you can record whatever you want on the phone from Instagram.


While you are on the video call on Instagram just swipe up on the screen and press the screen recording icon. When you are done recording, swipe up again on the screen and press the recording button to stop the video recording. The recorded video call will appear automatically in the camera roll.


For android users

The android users have to use the first method which is to download a screen recording app such as Mobizen, genius recorder, or the DU recorder from the google play store.


Once you are done with the installation, open the app. When you open the app you will be shown a quick tutorial right after installing the app. You can use the app very easily when active to record Instagram video calls.



Steps to record the Instagram video call

Open Instagram and do a video call to your follower in your list. On the screen, during the video call at the top left corner of your screen, a camera icon will be shown.


Tap on the icon and see the options then press the recording button. The app will start recording the video and the audio coming out of the video as well. When you are done recording the video tap on the red square icon.


This icon will be floating on the screen. Press this button and the video recording will end. Then this video will be saved in your gallery automatically.




Instagram video calling is such an amazing feature. On other social media apps, you can just do one thing at a time. You can either scroll on your timeline or you can do video calls with your loved ones.


But on Instagram, you can do both a video call and scroll Instagram feed. Additionally, you can record your video call at the same time without letting the other person know about it.


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