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Over the past few weeks, Microsoft added several new features to Microsoft Office version 2206. For example, Office Build 15227 introduces voice dictation to take notes, an optimized recalculation in Microsoft Excel, and optimized Auto filter in Excel, faster formula entry in a cell, and shared documents access to guest users. In addition to these, Office Build 15310 extends the maximum number of form responses to 5 million.


And now a new update (build 15313.20000) for Microsoft Office version 2206 is rolling out to the Office Insiders in the Windows Beta Channel (Fast Ring) with several bug fixes.


Microsoft Office Build 15313.20000 adds several fixes


What's new and improved in Microsoft Office Build 15313.20000

Excel - Notable fixes

  • We fixed an issue that caused the user profile picture and the data types section in the Data tab to be missing in Excel after an Office update in the background (in the Windows lock screen).
  • We fixed an issue that caused Excel to stop responding.
  • We fixed an issue that caused Excel to close unexpectedly when showing live preview of a chart.

Outlook - Notable fixes

  • We fixed an issue that caused the end time of a meeting to jump in the future (more than 12 hours ahead) when picking an end time greater or equal to 12 hours/0.5 days in meeting invites.
  • We fixed an issue that caused users to see an error message when attempting to open a shared contacts folder for which they had editor or delegate permissions.

Word - Notable fixes

  • We fixed in issue that caused users to see a memory error when they inserted a hyperlink in their documents.
  • We fixed an issue that caused users to be unable to switch to Reviewing Mode in Interaction modes.


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