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Top 4 SurveyMonkey Alternatives

Here we bring you the top 4 SurveyMonkey alternatives and their features that can save your day. We're hoping you'll love each of these alternatives. - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

On the hunt for the best SurveyMonkey alternatives around? Worry not because we’ve got you covered with some of the top SurveyMonkey competitors in the market. Being one of the leading online survey tools, SurveyMonkey’s features are worth checking out. But so are its alternatives.


Here we bring you the top 4 SurveyMonkey alternatives and their features that can save your day. We're hoping you'll love each of these alternatives to SurveyMonkey as they are definitely easier to use and cheaper.


Top 3 SurveyMonkey Alternatives


SurveyMonkey alternatives & competitors you should check out

Here are the four best competitors to SurveyMonkey that will take care of all your feedback needs. Sit back and chill as we take you through the features of each of these online survey platforms.


SurveySparrow - Your all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform




If you get bored with SurveyMonkey, is a good option as a form builder tool. With, users can create surveys, quizzes, and forms in no time without knowing any line of code. Thanks to third-party integrations such as Microsoft Excel, Slack, and Zapier users can automate their businesses.


In addition, has a free forever plan and almost all advanced features are available in this plan. Users can also benefit from customization options like themes, messages in their forms, surveys, and quizzes. has a mobile application so users can create anything where and when they want. Here are some other highlights of


  • By collecting E-signature, users can make their forms and surveys legally binding.
  • With conditional logic, people can avoid unnecessary questions.
  • Thanks to the calculator, users can calculate the score at the end of the quiz after giving a value to the responses.
  • By collecting payment via PayPal or Stripe, users can use forms as an online store.
  • It has +500 ready-made templates so everyone can create forms, surveys, and quizzes without wasting time.


2. SurveySparrow



If you’re looking for a SurveyMonkey alternative that is highly engaging, conversational, and also mobile-first, then SurveySparrow is definitely the right tool.


And what makes it one of the best alternatives to SurveyMonkey? Well, for starters, SurveySparrow has a superior and engaging UI that fetches you a 40% higher survey completion rate. The survey tool with its monthly and yearly plans is affordable and offers its users a free trial. Moreover, your feedback needs are tailored so that you have access to both chat-like surveys and conversational forms. SurveySparrow is the world’s first survey tool that checks this criterion.


Straight on to the features of this free SurveyMonkey alternative.


  • With its intuitive builder, SurveySparrow lets you create multilingual surveys with 25+ question types and 600+ pre-designed templates. Easily collect customer, employee, and product feedback.


  • Classic surveys offered by the survey platform let you create conversational and engaging forms. Chat surveys or mobile-first surveys offer respondents a chat-like experience. You can use these to measure customer satisfaction or customer effort easily.
  • SurveySparrow helps you create no-code chatbots that can be embedded into your website.


  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys help businesses measure customer loyalty on an opinion scale of 0 to 10. The survey platform also facilitates employee NPS (eNPS).
  • Employee 360 assessments and reviews offered by SurveySparrow help collect employee feedback and analyze data, thereby improving employee performance and productivity and driving growth. Manager and admin dashboards inside this tool help stakeholders make the right decisions.
  • Offline surveys help you collect feedback in areas without an active internet connection. Easily convert your smartphones or tablets into kiosks to collect data and sync responses when the connection is restored.
  • Case Management, the platform’s support ticketing system, helps you close the feedback loop effectively. Create, assign and track tickets in real-time.
  • Executive Dashboard to help compare and correlate survey data easily. SurveySparrow’s dashboard gives you instant and unlimited access to deep insights. Create multiple dashboards and widgets and visualize survey data like never before.


  • Survey share options include text, email, SMS, QR code, Slack, and more.


  • SurveySparrow’s pricing starts at $19 per month.


SurveySparrow - Your all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform


3. Qualtrics



Being more on the research side than the survey side, Qualtrics offers a more robust program than SurveyMonkey. What other features make Qualtrics a good alternative to SurveyMonkey? Let’s see.


If academic research is on your mind, this might be the right tool for you. The question bank provided by the online survey software helps you create a quality and professional survey. You can contact the team to get a quote on the pricing side.


However, one major disadvantage is on the integration side. With only limited integrations in place, some functionalities may not be available. Also, their lack of an autosave response option comes as a setback.


To sum up, Qualtrics does offer its users neat surveys that are well suited for research purposes.


SurveySparrow - Your all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform


4. Typeform



With its interesting design and interface, Typeform is surely one of the SurveyMonkey competitors worth checking out. Let’s look at the possibilities of this survey software and what makes it a good alternative.


Neat, clean user experience and surveys are worth mentioning when it comes to Typeform. The survey platform’s ease of use is also a highlight. Their analysis tools are also often praised. Typeform’s pricing starts at $35 a month.


However, the platform has its share of cons as well. One, their customer support is inadequate. Despite being short on the features side, their pricing plans are not flexible enough.


Other features like automated surveys, email reminders, in-built email share, etc are not present in this SurveyMonkey competitor.


SurveySparrow - Your all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform


Wrap Up

To sum up, SurveyMonkey, with its lack of customer support, inadequate interface, and pricing plans, ain’t the best option if you’re looking for a good survey tool.


And that’s why this list of SurveyMonkey alternatives will come in handy. Go ahead and choose the best competitor with the features, pricing, support, and interface. Because you deserve the best, and so does your audience!


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