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If you talk about the world of mobile phones, Android is the most widely used smartphone operating system. Google released the beta version of its latest operating system, Android 13, in August this year, which comes with several new features and minor upgrades compared to last year. In September the stable version of the said OS version is rolled out for Google Pixel 4 and above Pixel models.


If you haven't received this OS update yet, don't worry at all. Rather, know what's new with your smartphone's latest OS update.


Top 7 features of Android 13 operating system


Top 7 features of Android 13 operating system

Refined 'Material You' design:

Along with the Android 12 OS version, Google first introduced the refined 'Material You' feature. You can also find it on Android 13. This feature is able to give you a new 'look' for the device through customization.


The 'Material You' feature absorbs the phone's current wallpaper color and makes the icons, and widgets across the UI (User Interface) more colorful. This results in color consistency between the wallpaper, and symbols and creates a 'single color' scheme/theme.


During the beta testing, this adaptation of colors was limited to the System app. But gradually third-party apps are also included under this feature. Also, Android 13 OS comes with more than 16 new presets and other solid color bunches.



A built-in QR Code Scanner:

QR code scanner is one of the most desired additions so far. A built-in QR code scanner has existed in the camera app of iOS OS devices for a long time. But Android mobile users had to download third-party apps for basic QR code scanning.


But with the arrival of Android 13 OS, this problem has been solved.


Because the OS version has added this feature to the Fast Tiles tab on the device. With this, it will be easy to scan QR codes in restaurants, shopping malls, or anywhere and you don't need to download any additional app.


To enable this feature, you need to go to the Settings window from the Notifications panel.



Clipboard settings:

The copy and paste feature in Android 13 has received a slight rearrangement or 're-adjustment'. For example, after copying a piece of text, a portion of that text and a share button will appear as small pop-up boxes at the bottom left of the device.


If you want to make any changes to the copied text, you can do so from here and then get the option to post or share somewhere. Also, if you copy a URL, this pop-up box will also show the option to open the link directly in the browser.


Apart from this, you can share the copied content with anyone directly by mail or by using the 'Nearby Share' feature. This feature can help a lot in saving time.



Per-App Language Preference:

This will be a very handy feature for those who like to use multiple languages ​​on their devices. Android 13 enables per-app language selection on an app-by-app basis. That is, you can use English, Hindi, or Gujrati language to read memes and share posts on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.


You can choose your native language Bengali, Tamil, Telegu, or any other language for messaging on WhatsApp.


However, this feature is not currently compatible with every app. But later when the feature becomes public, users will benefit considerably. Especially, this feature will be handy for users who want to use multiple languages on the device or if a device is being used by multiple people of different languages.



Limited Notifications:

Every app installed on the device sends notifications whenever desired. Most of which are not desirable. Android 13 brings with it the option to limit the freedom of sending notifications.


On every device running this latest OS, all apps need to ask permission from the user to send notifications. Due to this, you can get rid of unnecessary and spam notifications, as well as you can be better informed about the notifications sent from the apps.



Multi-Window Trick:

If you like multitasking, this feature can come in handy. For example, let's say you are working on an important document and during that time you received a message from a friend or a family member. In such a situation, it is not possible to leave work, and it is difficult to stay without replying to messages.


So with this feature, you can drag the message from the notification panel and place it right below the document or any other app you are using. Doing so will open a new window. Then, you can focus on your work and continue chatting at the same time.



Updated Media Player:

Android 13 brings some changes to the media player, which looks strange at first but later gives a distinct look. In this case, the 'Material You' color scheme is followed in the media player as well. So, if you turn up the music volume, the color theme you set on the home screen will also appear in the media player.


Again, the minimized media player displayed in the notification panel has also received a new design.


After that, the 'time duration' of the running music track will be displayed in the form of waves in the notification panel, which looks quite interesting and unique. Also, a slight change is noticeable in the audio output picker.


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