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Microsoft releases two new Windows 11 builds to the Beta Channel insiders as KB5017390 updates. As per the new release guideline of Microsoft, Windows 11 Build 22622.598 includes new features turned on by default whereas Windows 11 Build 22621.598 includes those new features turned off. Those who landed to build 22621, can check for updates to manually install build 22622.


Windows 11 Build 22621.598 and 22622.598 comes to Beta Channel


In the Windows 11 Build 22622.598 (KB5017390 update), Microsoft highlights that, for the time being, users won't be able to uninstall a few apps that have inter-dependencies. It will also not allow the users to repair any Win32 apps. If you are running Win32 apps without inter-dependencies, you will be allowed to modify or remove the installation.


The latest build fixes an issue in File Explorer that leads to a small set of Insiders. With this bug in place, users were unable to launch File Explorer while launching it in a separate process. It also fixes an issue in File Explorer in full-screen mode where you couldn't able to interact with the top part of the explorer.



An issue causing the command bar items like a copy, paste, and empty recycle bin which was unexpectedly made disabled has been fixed in the latest Windows 11 Build 22622.


Apart from these, both Windows 11 Build 22621 and 22622 received fixes related to duplicate print queues and roaming user profiles.


For a more detailed list of improvements, you may check out the original release notes published by Microsoft.


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