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Truecaller has revamped its iPhone app for users across the world. According to the company, the new version of the Truecaller app is 10-times better at detecting spam, scams, and business calls. Along with this, the company also brought a new Caller ID and Spam Blocker app which will now be available for iOS users.


According to Truecaller, the app will now have less size and will work better than the previous versions. Apple claims that the new version will run better on older iPhone models as well as the iPhone 6S.


Truecaller brings new iOS app with improved speed, and enhanced spam detection


This change in the Truecaller app is brought about by an all-new architecture that can work more effectively with the advanced background features in iOS. Along with the complete GUI refresh of the new Truecaller app for iPhone, users will also get a better experience in it.


The company claims that the new version of the Truecaller app will provide better spam and scam protection to users. Also, the onboarding process to Truecaller app will be now faster. On searching the number, users will get a new detailed view in it.


Apart from this, the iPhone version of the Truecaller app will also allow you to automatically block top spammers, and provide more details on spam numbers which will include users commenting on spam-marked numbers.



Truecaller has also given some information about the future updates of the app. The company has promised that they will bring new improvements to SMS filtering, spam detection, and community-based service, which will include a redesigned number look-up widget to find unknown callers even faster.


Alan Mamedi, the co-founder and CEO of the Truecaller app, has said that he is innovating within Apple's platform to give users more powerful services like call alerts, call regions, and a convenient search extension.


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