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Microsoft started rolling out Windows 11 Preview Build 25247 to the Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. This build includes some new features including Easy access to Windows Studio Effects, Energy Recommendations, Suggested Actions, and some improvements for Task Manager and Account settings page.


Continue reading to learn more about the Windows Studio Effects, and how you can access it to configure your camera and apply the effects.


Windows 11 Build 25247 adds easy access to Studio Effects
Windows 11 Build 25247 adds easy access to Studio Effects


Windows Studio Effects are a collection of features designed to present yourself in the best light. Once you enable the Windows Studio Effects, it will use machine learning algorithms and a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to apply camera effects (such as Background Blur, Eye Contact, and automatic framing) and audio effects (such as Voice Focus).


Prior to Windows 11 Build 25247, there was only one option to access these studio effects and that was from the Windows 11 Settings pages. Now Microsoft has enabled it to be accessed directly from Quick Settings on the taskbar.



Do note that, it will require you to have a supported Neural Processing Unit (NPU) on your Windows 11 device.


Once available, this will make it quick and easy for you to enable and configure camera effects (Background Blur, Eye Contact, and Automatic Framing) and audio effects (Voice Focus) from the Quick Settings flyout.


  • Background effects — effects such as background blur
  • Eye contact — an effect to compensate for eyes looking at the screen instead of the camera
  • Automatic framing — an effect to automatically zoom and crop the image as you move around
  • Voice focus — an effect that mutes background noises to help your voice sound crisp and clear



It is worth noting that the feature was earlier rolled out to Windows 11 Insiders in the Beta Channel, a week ago in Windows 11 Build 22623.885.


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