Windows Hello is a biometric authentication feature that allows you to log into your Windows device using your face, fingerprint, or iris. In order to use Windows Hello in Windows 11, you will need a device with a compatible camera or fingerprint reader. Here are the steps to set up and use Windows Hello.


How to use the Windows Hello feature in Windows 11?
How to use the Windows Hello feature in Windows 11?


  1. Go to the Windows Settings app and select "Accounts".
  2. Select "Sign-in options" from the left sidebar.
  3. Under "Windows Hello", select the type of biometric authentication you want to set up (facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN).
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the feature.
  5. Once you have set up Windows Hello, you can use it to log into your device by simply looking at the camera (for facial recognition), placing your finger on the fingerprint reader (for fingerprint recognition), or entering your PIN.



Note that:

  • You need a device with a supported camera or fingerprint reader to set up Windows Hello.
  • Some devices may need additional security measures such as TPM (Trusted Platform Module) or secure boot.


Also, Windows Hello can also be used to unlock apps and websites that support it, you will be prompted to use Windows Hello when you try to access these apps and websites.


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