📢 Microsoft Edge 111 is now available to Beta Insiders

Microsoft Edge version 111 (Build 111.0.1661.15) is now rolling out to the Edge Insiders in the Beta Channel with the following improvements, fixes. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on , and was last updated on 2023-02-17T13:13:01Z.

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Microsoft releases a fresh update build for its Chromium-powered Edge browser (number 111.0.1661.15). The beta channel Edge Insiders are now receiving the build. A few policy modifications are included in the most recent Microsoft Edge Beta Build 111.0.1661.15. It also introduces a few new feature enhancements. Continue reading for a complete list of changes in this build.


Microsoft Edge 111 is now available to Beta Insiders
Microsoft Edge 111 is now available to Beta Insiders


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Beta build 111.0.1661.15?

Feature update

Enhancements to the enhanced security mode:
For Linux x64 and macOS x64, WebAssembly is now supported in enhanced security mode. In the future, more cross-platform (ARM64) functionality is anticipated. See "Browse more securely with Microsoft Edge" for additional details.



IE mode data are now cleared upon browser exit under a new policy:
When Microsoft Edge is closed, Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer mode's browsing history may or may not be wiped. This is determined by the InternetExplorerModeClearDataOnExitEnabled policy. Moreover, users can customize this setting under the "Privacy, search, and services" menu of Settings (edge:/settings/privacy) by selecting the "Clear browsing data for Internet Explorer" option.



Policy updates

New policies

  • InternetExplorerModeClearDataOnExitEnabled - Clear history for IE and IE mode every time you exit
  • MouseGestureEnabled - Mouse Gesture Enabled
  • PrintPreviewStickySettings - Configure the sticky print preview settings