Microsoft releases version 17.4.5 of its Visual Studio 2022 IDE. The most recent version of Visual Studio 2022, version 17.4.5, fixes a few issues that were present in the earlier version of the IDE but does not offer any new functionality. Read on for a complete list of the modifications.


Visual Studio 2022 version 17.4.5 addresses several issues
Visual Studio 2022 version 17.4.5 addresses several issues


Issues addressed in Visual Studio 2022 version 17.4.5

  • Fixed a regression in the STL that could cause copies of std::string not to be null-terminated when linking objects produced by older versions of Visual Studio 2022 with those produced by Visual Studio 2022 version 17.4 or later.
  • Fixed a binary compatibility break in std::async() for programs built with VS 2015, which could lead to crashes caused by an invalid_operation exception reaching a noexcept function.
  • Fixed a regression in the STL that caused std::find or std::count to fail when searching for negative signed integral values in ranges of unsigned integral elements.
  • Fixed a bug where returned variables would sometimes not appear in the Watch or Locals window of Visual Studio during debugging.
  • Multiple statements in a single code block which contained nested calls to the compiler intrinsic function '__builtin_offsetof' could cause the C++ compiler to crash. To avoid the crash, un-nest the __builtin_offsetof intrinsic calls.
  • Local variables are displayed and evaluated in Locals and Watch windows when debugging Windows Forms constructors.
  • Fixed an issue where @bind:get, @bind:set, and @bind:after attribute modifiers were not recognized, causing design time errors.
  • Fixed the change signature refactoring bug called out in Exception in ChangeSignatureCodeRefactoringProvider after wrong automatic closing brace placement · Issue #65298 · dotnet/roslyn (
  • Fixed an issue where the terminal would cause a crash when no workloads were installed and the machine didn't have the C++ redistributable package installed.
  • Resolves a problem where VS might freeze when opening a XAML file.
  • Updated CPython interpreter to version 3.9.13.
  • Adds Xcode 14.2 support.
  • Updates .NET MAUI to 7.0.59 (SR3), see for release notes.
  • Updates to mingit and Git for Windows package to v2.39.1.1, which addresses CVE-2022-41903.



Other fixes

  • VC++ 17.4 has a problem with debugger watch
  • Compiler crash in MSVC 17.4.2 'msc1.cpp', line 1592
  • Solution Explorer item collapses by itself
  • Unit test startup fails with an exception when a test method is renamed
  • JSON Schema being written to solution folder
  • Debugging Xunit tests is not able to hit breakpoints
  • Getting build error after selecting automatically deploy the database project before unit tests are run option
  • WPF Designer Invalid value for property handler
  • VS 2022 Community Edition 17.4.2 cannot authenticate to Azure to get the subscriptions
  • Git - failed to start the configured compare tool
  • Symbols not loading when Azure DevOps Symbol server is enabled
  • IntelliTrace can't find PDB



Security Advisories Addressed

  • CVE-2023-21566 Visual Studio Installer Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability
  • CVE-2023-21567 Visual Studio Denial of Service Vulnerability
  • CVE-2023-21808 .NET and Visual Studio Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
  • CVE-2023-21815 Visual Studio Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
  • CVE-2023-23381 Visual Studio Code Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
  • CVE-2022-23521 gitattributes parsing integer overflow
  • CVE-2022-41903 Heap overflow in git archive, git log --format leading to RCE
  • CVE-2022-41953 Git GUI Clone Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


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