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📢 Git 2.40 is now available for download

Git 2.40 for Windows, Linux/Unix, and macOS is now available for download. Here's everything that you would like to know about Git 2.40. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Git 2.39 was released in December 2022 for Windows, Linux/Unix, and macOS by the Microsoft-owned GitHub team. Now, the open-source team has made a few new enhancements and bug fixes, from over 88 contributors, with the release of Git 2.40.0, which are described below. Visit this page to get the most recent Git 2.40 download for Windows, Linux/Unix, and macOS.


Git 2.40 is now available for download
Git 2.40 is now available for download


What's new and improved in Git 2.40

  • With the inclusion of Emacs support in Git 2.40, you may use git jump to provide a list of locations to your Emacs client in addition to Vim.
  • When the name/email pairs on either side of a mailmap rewrite were different lengths, the —batch-check and -s arguments to git cat-file in earlier versions of Git would both ignore the existence of —use-mailmap and produce potentially inaccurate results. This has been fixed in Git 2.40, and when used with —use-mailmap, git cat-file -s and —batch-check will accurately display the object size as if it had been written using the replacement IDs.
  • In the past, check-requirement attr's for an index made it one of its main limitations. As a result, if you wanted to use check-attr in a bare repository, you had to temporarily read from the index. In Git 2.40 and newer, a workaround of this nature is no longer necessary. The following will function as an alternative to the above, even in a bare repository, because check-attr now allows a new —source= to scan for.gitattributes in.
  • Git bisect is now entirely implemented in C as a native builtin in Git 2.40. This is the outcome of many Git contributors' years of work, including a sizable number of Google Summer of Code participants. While supporting both the new and old implementations behind an experimental add.interactive.useBuiltin setting, Git 2.40 removed the historical implementation of git add —interactive, which likewise started off as a Shell script and was reintroduced as a native builtin back in version 2.26.
  • Now, you may specify whether or not pushes to branches with running CI jobs should terminate those jobs. This could be helpful when repeatedly pushing to the same branch while working on a project. By adding a unique script called skip-concurrent to a branch called ci-config, this may be configured using Git's ci-config method.


To learn the complete changes (enhancements and fixes) in Git 2.40, read the original release notes here.



How to download Git 2.40 for Windows, Linux/Unix, and macOS

The latest version of the Git client can be downloaded from the official site. To download Git version 2.40 for Windows, click here and select either the 32-bit or 64-bit option. From this page, you can also download a portable (thumb drive edition) of Git. To download Git version 2.40 for Linux/Unix, click here. To download Git version 2.40 for Mac OS, click here.


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