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Starting 1st October, GitHub to replace the default 'master' branch with 'main'. GitHub said that they are committed to making the renaming process as seamless as possible for project maintainers, and thus they are coming up with a tool later this year.


So, what will be the impact next month to your new and existing repositories hosted on GitHub? To know the answer, you will need to read the post further.

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GitHub users can now run an entire GitHub workflow from the terminal. Microsoft owned GitHub announces GitHub CLI version 1.0, which was there in Beta since February 2020. With this, you can now call the GitHub API to script and create workflows without having to switch your terminal sessions.


As it was the most demanded feature during the beta stage, the GitHub CLI is now available to use on repositories hosted on GitHub Enterprise Server 2.2 and above. To know more about the announcement, continue reading further.

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Last year, during the Ignite 2019 conference, Microsoft announced the public preview of Visual Studio Codespaces which allowed developers to code from anywhere using a browser and the internet. Now the company has decided to retire it and migrate all its users to GitHub Codespaces.


According to the Microsoft announcement, the service is being retired in February 2021. If you are an existing Visual Studio Codespaces user, you can start your transition to GitHub Codespaces now. To know more about the timeline of the transition, continue reading further.

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Git 2.28 has been released with new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The new feature includes the option to set the default branch name to the global configuration file for the repositories that are being created by the user.


So, as an administrator, you can now specify whether you will go with the default "master" branch or a custom branch name, and here's how you can specify it.

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GitHub Codespaces is an online integrated development environment (IDE) which includes everything that you need to develop for a specific repository, including a text editor with syntax highlighting and autocomplete, a terminal, debugging tools, and Git commands. Microsoft announced the availability of this new tool to beta testers.


Along with this, the company also announced three more GitHub Collaboration tools. Here's everything that you would like to know about this announcement.

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Microsoft-owned GitHub platform announced that they have now made private repositories with unlimited collaborators available to all GitHub users. This means all of it's core features are now free for all user accounts.


Until now, if an organization wanted to use the private repositories, it had to subscribe to a paid plan which was costing minimum $9 per user/month.

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