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📢 Windows 11 Build 25324 adds a USB4 Settings Page

Discover the latest feature in Windows 11 Build 25324: a USB4 settings page. Learn how to control your USB4 devices and ports for better convenience. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Microsoft started rolling out Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25324 to the Windows Insiders who are in the Canary Channel. The latest build adds a few new improvements to the Widgets Board, added USB4 Settings Page, Unsafe password copy and paste warnings, and SHA-3 Support to Windows 11.


The new settings page will allow users to control their USB4 devices and ports, offering greater flexibility and convenience. In this article, we will explore the USB4 settings page in Windows 11 Build 25324 and how it can improve your computing experience.


Windows 11 Build 25324 adds a USB4 Settings Page
Windows 11 Build 25324 adds a USB4 Settings Page


With the Windows 11 Build 23419 and above, the users can access the USB4 Hubs and Devices settings page under Settings > Bluetooth & devices > USB. With USB4, novel docking, high-performance peripheral, display, and charging productivity scenarios are made possible.


For a system with USB4 support, information about the system's USB4 capabilities and connected devices is available on the USB4 settings page. These tips are intended to help with troubleshooting in the event that users require assistance from the system administrator or the device manufacturer (OEM).



The features provided by this page are:

  • View the tree of connected USB4 hubs and devices.
  • View attributes and capabilities associated with the USB4 domain.
  • Copy the details into the clipboard so it can be shared with customer support or system administrators for troubleshooting.


Do note that this page won't be available if your system does not support USB4 with the Microsoft USB4 Connection Manager.


To determine whether your system is USB4 capable or not, check for "USB4 Host Router" populating in the Device Manager.



Windows 11 Build 25324 adds a USB4 Settings Page
Windows 11 Build 25324 adds a USB4 Settings Page



We are beginning to roll this out, so the experience isn’t available to all Insiders in the Canary Channel just yet as we plan to monitor feedback and see how it lands before pushing it out to everyone, says Microsoft.


Please keep in mind that builds published to the Canary Channel are "hot off the presses", thus Microsoft will provide only basic documentation for builds flighted to the Canary Channel (no known bugs, for example), and will update a blog entry if new features are made available in a build. Additionally, this release has a few new features and updates to the document, just like the last Canary Channel build.


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