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Users of smart devices continue to face a severe threat from malware assaults as cybercriminals target gullible people to obtain unauthorized access to their data. A shocking study has revealed the actions of the Lemon Group, a cybercrime group that is thought to have infected roughly 9 million Android devices with the "Guerilla" malware.


This malware can potentially compromise the accounts and personal information of Android users, posing a significant risk to their digital security.


Guerilla Malware Alert: Shielding Your Android Device from Cybercriminals
Preventing Infection from the Guerilla Malware Menace


  • Gain insights into the sophisticated nature of the Guerilla malware, its capabilities, and the various malicious activities it enables.
  • Discover how the Guerilla malware infiltrates Android devices through third-party enhancements to standard system images, shedding light on potential vulnerabilities in the supply chain.
  • Obtain practical tips and strategies to safeguard your Android device from Guerilla malware, including downloading apps from trusted sources, scrutinizing app permissions, and keeping your software up to date.
  • Emphasize the significance of staying vigilant and informed about the latest cybersecurity threats, as well as adopting proactive measures to maintain the security and integrity of your Android device.



Unveiling the Guerilla Malware

According to the report by Trend Micro, a leading Japanese multinational cybersecurity software company, the Guerilla malware is infecting various types of Android devices, including smartphones, watches, TVs, and TV boxes. This sophisticated malware enables scammers to carry out a range of malicious activities, such as loading additional payloads, intercepting one-time passwords from SMS, setting up a reverse proxy from the infected device, and hijacking WhatsApp sessions, among others.


The infiltration of this malware onto Android devices occurs when third-party entities are hired by manufacturers to enhance standard system images. Trend Micro's analysis of Guerilla reveals that a company responsible for producing firmware components for mobile phones also produces similar components for Android Auto, a mobile app used on vehicles' dashboard information and entertainment units. This discovery raises concerns about the possibility of some in-car entertainment systems already being infected with the Guerilla malware.



The tampering with a system library called allows the injected code to decrypt a DEX file, which is a file format used by the Android operating system for executing bytecode. The decrypted file is loaded into memory and executed by Android Runtime to activate the main plugin used by the attackers, called Sloth, which provides its configuration and establishes communication with a Lemon Group domain.


Given the severity of the threat posed by the Lemon Group and the Guerilla malware, it is crucial for Android device users to be aware of the risks and take necessary steps to safeguard their devices against potential hacking and cybercrime. Here are some essential tips to protect your Android device from Guerilla malware:



  • Download apps from trusted sources: Stick to official app stores like Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iPhones. Third-party app stores can sometimes host malicious apps that compromise your personal information or financial data.
  • Read app permissions before installing: Whenever you install a new app, carefully review the permissions it requests. Granting unnecessary or excessive permissions can expose your device and data to potential risks. Pay attention to the access permissions requested by apps, including contacts, photos, and location, and consider whether they are relevant and necessary for the app's intended functionality.
  • Keep your software up to date: Both Google and Apple regularly release software updates for their app stores. These updates often include important security patches that address vulnerabilities and protect your device from malware attacks. Make it a habit to install software updates as soon as they become available to ensure you have the latest security measures in place.



By following these precautions and adopting a proactive approach to device security, Android users can significantly reduce their vulnerability to Guerilla malware and similar cyber threats. Stay informed, stay cautious, and take steps to safeguard your personal information and digital well-being.


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