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Microsoft Teams has rolled out a series of updates to enhance the overall meeting experience for its users in April 2023. With these updates, Microsoft Teams is aiming to provide more efficient and productive ways to conduct meetings, webinars, and other events.


These updates include automatic lowering of raised hands, ultrasound howling detection, video closed captions, green screen, reminder emails for webinars, and Viva Connections for Education, among others. Let's take a closer look at what's new and improved in Microsoft Teams.


Experience the Power of Microsoft Teams: Latest Updates and Features to Streamline Your Workflow
Microsoft Teams Unveils Latest Updates to Elevate Collaboration and Productivity


  • Automatic lowering of a user's raised hand after speaking in Microsoft Teams meetings.
  • Ultrasound Howling Detection, a new feature in Teams that detects feedback loops caused by multiple users in the same room.
  • Video Closed Captions in PowerPoint Live, which supports closed captions for embedded videos in PowerPoint Live for Teams.
  • Green screen in Teams meetings, which improves the sharpness and definition of virtual backgrounds.
  • Viva Connections for Education, is a digital home for students that centralizes all the resources they need in one place.



What's new and improved in Microsoft Teams?

One of the updates is the Automatic Lowering of a User's Raised Hand after Speaking. This feature alerts users that their raised hand will be automatically lowered after they speak in a meeting. This update ensures smoother meeting facilitation for organizers and presenters, as it allows them to focus on unanswered questions.


Another update is the Ultrasound Howling Detection, which prevents feedback loops when multiple users are in the same room using audio. Teams can detect if another Teams device is nearby and already included with audio in the same meeting and notifies the users that want to join. Teams then automatically mute the microphone and speakers of these users.



Teams has also introduced Video Closed Captions in PowerPoint Live. Closed captions are now supported for embedded videos in PowerPoint Live for Teams. If the video contains out-of-band closed captions, all viewers will automatically have the option to turn closed captions on for the video.


The Green Screen in Teams Meetings update improves the virtual background effect around the user's face, head, ears, and hair, and allows them to show a prop or other object in their hand to be more visible to other participants in a call.



Teams is also introducing Reminder Emails for Webinars, which are timely, automated reminder emails sent to every confirmed registrant at a configured date and time before the event.


In addition to these updates, Microsoft Viva Connections for Education is now generally available. It's a digital home that centralizes all the resources students need in one place, directly within Microsoft Teams. This dashboard is personalized for each student's individual needs, giving them a digital home where they can start and end each day, helping them stay connected to their educational institution, all in one place.



Lastly, Teams has introduced the Auto Install Approved Apps feature, which allows admins and users to streamline the management and usage of apps within their organizations. With this feature, users can avoid searching for apps and continue to use the same tools within Teams to stay in the flow of work without context switching.


Overall, these updates aim to make meetings and webinars more productive and efficient. Users can now take advantage of the latest features to improve their experience on Microsoft Teams.


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